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“We were really nervous about choosing a caregiver for my mom. She has been living with us since her Alzheimer's diagnosis, but at some point we realized we just needed more help. We so relieved to find that Caregivers in The City hires only the best caregivers around. Our caregiver, Olivia, could not be a better match for my mom. Now she's a part of the family, and I have no idea what we would do without her."

Jane k.

“After I had surgery, I knew that I would need some extra help but I didn't want to be a burden to my kids. Hiring a caregiver was the responsible thing to do -- and it was the best thing for my family. When they came for visits, we got to spend time together rather than putting them to work. On top of that, I felt great about being in the care of such a qualified individual. Thank you!”

reggie m.

“Thank you, Caregivers in the City! We needed someone to care for my great aunt while we were out of town, and after meeting with your coordinator we were sure that we chose the right company. Sure enough, Great Aunt Rose had nothing but glowing praise for her caregiver when we returned. I think she's secretly waiting for us to go on another trip so she can enjoy more time with your great staff members!”

Amy B.