Long Term Care

When we have a chance to see our clients on a regular basis, we really enjoy getting to know them well. Many of our long-term clients face the challenges of age or disability on a daily basis, and our caregivers can provide the assistance necessary to live independently. Some of our long-term clients only need occasional care, while others enjoy visits from our professionals on a daily basis. Whatever your needs may be, we can create a customized schedule just for you.

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Our long-term clients are diverse, so our offerings are equally varied to match their needs. We offer daily care with transfers, bathing, toileting, grooming, hygiene, cooking, eating, shopping, errands, medication reminders, and more. Several of our caregivers are specially trained to work with clients who have Alzheimer's disease, and regular interaction often helps these clients to function more easily.

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Tallahassee Caregivers is the premier caregiving agency in the city because we only hire the best. Our people are what make our company thrive. We invest in our staff members, and in turn they invest in their clients.

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